Saturday, December 13, 2008

Wood Spirit

My DH is good at carving, and a few years ago he carved this wood spirit on the trellis that he made to support our trumpet vine that was growing into the garage. We needed to get the vine away from the garage because it would eventually damage it, but we didn't want to dig it up. It is way too big to do that anyway, and we were afraid we would kill it. The hummingbirds love the flowers in the summer and the goldfinch and other birds go for the seeds in the fall. So this is the wood spirit he put in the middle of the trellis. We had to use the tractor to get it up there. It is carved out of a poplar tree log, and then stained/sealed with Sikkens Cetol brand wood sealant (the best sealant there is, in our opinion). Its eyes are turned so that it looks as though it is looking at anyone who is approaching our house from our lane. We should put reflectors on the eyes - wouldn't that freak someone out!!


  1. Wow Aleta---I'm learning more and more about you all with each blog. The carving is marvelous. I love the way the eyes appear to be WATCHING. Mr Carving is your 'security guard' for sure!!! What is his name??? He must have a name. We name everything--our car, our GPS, etc...

    Beautiful vine. WOW!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is so cool. The carving is amazing. It reminds me of one of those tree guys out of Lord of the Rings.

    Betsy, we name everything, too. Even the vacccum-cleaner. Her name is "Rosie" after the robot on THE JETSONS.

  3. I really appreciate these carvings. They are real master peaces. In my country we have carvings made by chainsaw. Some are quite good, some are not.

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