Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thread Painting Project

I finally completed a quilting project I've been working on for several months - a quilted wall hanging done via a technique called "thread painting," or "thread play," that I did from a photograph of my cat, Angel Kitty. This is a technique I learned at the Quiltfest I attended in July in Jonesborough, TN. It is my first art quilt. I hand embroidered her whiskers at her nose, to make them stand out against her white fur, and I used Angelina fibers to make the highlights in her eyes. Also, in the grass underneath her is a little mouse!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nice & Icy

Mother Nature decided to thwart our shopping plans the other day by delivering a storm that coated the driveway, the road, and the trees, grasses and bushes with a layer of ice, keeping us from taking our morning walk, let alone drive to town! And so I spent the day inside, trying as best I could to get some good pictures from the front deck.

We were fortunate that we only had one small cedar fall on our lane. The memory of last year when we had 22 trees down on our lane after a snowstorm around this same time, made us forgiving of this one!

The ice on the trees gave the woods an "other world"ly look. Mother Nature showed off her handiwork when the icy covering on the boughs and limbs brought out details previously unnoticed.

A hawk spent several hours perched on top of a frosty limb, waiting for lunch to fly by!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Angel (Kitty)

Angel Kitty has found another place she loves to sleep -- under the tree. We went "simple" this year with our tree. The only decorations on it are lights and garland.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mokkah and the Fireplace

Mokkah is fascinated by the flickering flames and cinders of our propane fireplace. We have to watch her to be sure she doesn't try to crawl in behind the "logs," as she at first wanted to do.

After awhile, however, she realizes how cozy it is and she falls asleep.