Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm sitting in a Chick-fil-a restaurant and marveling at the speed of my laptop when using their wifi.

Last December a stray kitten showed up at our house, limping and hobbling with a bad leg. After several days of coaxing her to the porch (it didn't take that much effort; she was hungry!), we convinced her we wanted to be her friend. Finally she agreed to come inside and after that we were hooked on her and she on us. She even tolerated Angel Kitty hissing at her and chasing her.

Mokkah is now a joyful part of our family. The leg was broken but has since healed and you can hardly see a limp at all. Angel and her aren't good friends, but every month they get a little chummier!
Mokkah won't let Angel keep her from TRYING to be a good friend.

When we got her, she was 15 months old per the vet, and she was all black with a brown tail. I named her "Mokkah" to be another way of saying "Mocha" because of her black/brown coloring. Since then the brown has disappeared and she is mostly black with a wisp of white on her belly. We know that she is part Siamese because we saw an adult Siamese cat hanging around at the time she showed up, plus she has Siamese eyes. Her brother was around at the time also, and he still comes around from time to time to get a free hand-out. He is identical to her except that he's bigger with more white.

I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm Back! Well . . . sort of

Hello all of my loyal followers! Thanks for keeping me on your list of blogs that you read! I hope you are all healthy and happy!

In case somebody hasn't noticed, it has been over a
year since I wrote in this blog! One reason - the main reason - is that it is so time-consuming to upload pictures since we only have dial-up and aren't inclined to spend the money to get satellite (DSL not available in our area). We finally broke down and bought a laptop computer and so . . . I can take it downtown to where they have wifi and upload pictures quickly.

Now, "downtown" is a half hour away, so bear with me. I'll be writing periodically but still not as much as I was in 2009. I have so many other projects that occupy my time. I find it frustrating to start the upload on a picture, go and do something else, only to come back and find that it stopped in the middle of the upload. That was happening quite a bit.

Stay tuned . . .

Happy Thanksgiving!