Friday, December 12, 2008

Money, Money, Money, Money . . . MONEY!

This was what we did today: we emptied our piggy bank (water bottle) and counted our coins. It took most of the day and we are really tired, and sore from sitting on the floor and leaning over the pile! We got a grand total of $490 and some odd change. We've been collecting it since around 2002. Most of the money was what we found. When we lived in Maryland, he worked as a grounds foreman for the community and while out and about, he found change on a daily basis. I found some on my commute to work on the metro. We would keep track on the calendar how much we found each month. The summer months were the best. We retired and moved here in 2004 and since then we've tossed coins in sporadically. We will take it to the bank, but not wrapped in the papers because our bank teller said they have to count it out by hand anyway so not to bother wrapping it. We wanted to know what we have before dropping it off at the bank. I know there are those machines in the grocery stores that count it for you, but they charge about 10% to do that and anyways we'd miss out on all of this FUN!! We had some old "wheat" pennies in the stash that we're not sure are worth anything but we're keeping them and checking them out. We also had some Susan B. Anthony dollars that we'll keep. Of course we also had some foreign coins, especially Canadian ones that we will add to our stash of Canadian money that we've been holding onto for years. Does anybody know where to go to get Canadian money converted into American, without traveling to the border? I just checked it out and Canadian money is still worth less than American, but not by much!


  1. Wow Aleta---You have a big stash. Isn't it amazing how our money adds up when we save it --little by little. And to think that most of it was money that you found. Amazing!!!!

    Have you thought what you might buy with this big amount????? It would make a nice down-payment on my grandfather clock!!!!! ha ha

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Oh my gosh,what alot of change!!You both can plan a trip somewhere with it,it`s nice to fall back on a hunk of money like that.phylliso

  3. Betsy - I think this money will go towards bolstering up our account for protection against the Christmas spending! Hey, would your DH be able to MAKE your grandfather clock? Our neighbor plans to make one but so far it is still in the planning stage, although he HAS bought the supplies. Just a thought!

  4. Oh, BTW, our wheat pennies - 21 of them (.21) are worth 47 cents. If you should find a 1922 wheat penny missing the "D" for the mint, it is worth $415!! How 'bout THAT?

  5. FOUND MONEY is the best kind. WE have a much smaller jar, and it's time to take the coins in. We'll use ours for Christmas, too.

    AS for the Canadian money, you might want to see if anyone you know is going to Canada and might "trade" some coins. The exchange rate is easy to look up.

  6. Wow! Almost $500 in 6 years? Considering that the amount is all made up of small change, that is a LOT! Congratulations on that haul! I think one way you might have made it easier for both yourselves and the bank was to sort the coins by denomination as you were counting them. You could have then put each denomination in separate money bags that are labeled accordingly, to save the bank teller the trouble of having to sort them out.