Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby Raccoon

We have a couple of mama raccoons who are bringing their babies around. Here is a shot I caught of one climbing the tree.

Learning to Quilt

I attended the Quiltfest from July 16-18 in Jonesborough, Tennessee. What a lot of fun it was! I took three classes in machine quilting and learned a lot! There was so much talent and creativity there and oh so much inspiration! I've been working on the quilt that I started in one of my classes, but when I lay it out on the bed, Angel Kitty is right there on top of it and she even tries to help!
Little scraps of fabric are just too tempting for kitty. No, Angel, that doesn't go there! Yikes! Watch those hind claws!I'm almost done with it and when I finish it, I'll post a picture here.

Angel Kitty and the Bunnies

What a busy summer it has been! With all of the gardening, freezing and canning the garden produce, sewing (I'm learning to machine quilt), having the grandchildren for a week, and other activities, I have been neglecting my blogging.

Our local bunnies tease Angel Kitty when we tie her out on her line. They run all around her, just out of her reach, and even jump right over her as they play tag with each other. Perhaps they are hoping she'll join in! One evening I had my camera ready and caught a few shots of the encounter.
And this guy looks at me as if to say - "What?? I didn't do nothing!"