Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tilly and her shoe/foot fetish

Tilly has a shoe fetish and can often be found sleeping on top of or snuggled next to one of the numerous pairs of shoes we have laying around the house.  She also has a foot fetish and here she can be seen enjoying a nap on top of my husband's foot.
Here she can be seen enjoying a nap on top of my husband!

primitive farmer doll

I make primitive dolls to sell in a local store.  Here is my latest creation, unnamed as of yet. 

I used a piece of my husband's old flannel shirt to make his scarf.  I will make a farmer girl doll to go with him.

Turkey and Deer

 Deer and turkey visit our feeder on a regular basis now.  We have 9 turkey coming, and 9 deer.  I took this picture through a screen so it isn't that good I admit.  My husband puts down food for the deer, further down in the pasture away from the bird feeders, but they still come up to snack on the birdseed.  My concern is my hydrangea bush that is too close to the feeder; the deer will munch it down if they are still around in the spring!

Angel's Hiding Place

One day I couldn't find Angel Kitty.  Where could she be?  I checked all of her favorite napping spots -- no Angel.  Finally I heard a shuffling around in the back of the close in my studio.  Sure enough, there she was, tucked in next to the dolls I had made, in a paper bag.  At least someone appreciates my dolls!