Saturday, December 6, 2008

Country Birthday Party #2 -Pickin' & Grinnin' with East Kentucky Tyme

If you like bluegrass music - heck, even if you DON'T like bluegrass music - you should check out these guys. They played at the birthday party and they were great. They have a lot of bookings in the area. They are from Kentucky but go all over. One band member played the steel guitar AND the banjo. What a great group. Here is their website. They had their CDs for sale at the party but we didn't bring any money so I may just have to get on their website and get me one.


  1. I LOVE bluegrass!!! One time, George and I stayed at the Wunderland Hotel in the Smokies---and a bluegrass band played for us. WONDERFUL!!!

  2. I grew up on Bluegrass and gospel music. My kids and I do a little fiddle music on our violins.

    The party sounds like a blast and the retreat center is great to have in your community.

  3. I love the steel guitar,looks like you all had a good time,what a nice place to have a party!phylliso