Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wild Critters in Our Woods

Yesterday I took a walk to the back of our property. I noticed a lot of scat on the ground, evidence of the wild critters that roam in our woods. I thought oh how nice it would be to see one while I'm walking, but we never do. Yet, we know they are there. We have proof. We "see" them with a Wildview camera. Last year during hunting season we found a dead deer on our property, presumably shot and made it to our woods to die. We put the carcass in the back of our property and set up the Wildview Camera to see what would come around. We also found a dead deer alongside the lane, hit by a car, and put it back there also. In addition to foxes, we caught these shots of a bobcat and coyote coming to feed on them. Aren't they beautiful? The bobcat reminds me of Garfield with its glowing eyes! Eventually something dragged the carcasses away and they disappeared. I've also included a picture of a coyote that we got, without "bait," during the daytime, with the Wildview Camera. That camera is great and I highly recommend it for viewing those elusive wild critters. It has a motion sensor and takes three pictures at a time, and with automatic flash. You can also set it on video. You can set the date and time, but ours wasn't set properly so the date and time are incorrect on these photos.


  1. Oh, Aleta, how fortunate you are to live near these wonderful creatures.

    Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.

    I'm off for Christmas vacation with the family.

    Happy New Year,


  2. Wow Aleta... I've never heard of such a thing.. I know we have LOTS of night critters --so we need to check into one of those cameras!!!

    Neat pictures you have... WOW!