Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas at Our House

We don't get TOO carried away with decorating for Christmas, but we put up a tree and decorate the fireplace and some other areas. This year we only used the TOP part of our fake tree and put it on a table, so that we don't need to move the TV, plus it was a lot less work putting it up and decorating it! We didn't have a tree topper so we used an ornament with our grandchild's picture on it that she gave us two years ago.

I am done Christmas shopping - yippee!! Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. You will indeed have a MERRY CHRISTMAS. Decorating AND shopping done and it's the first week of December.

    I have the tree up and the outside stuff up--a wreath and some swags.

    Half of the shopping is done. I have no idea what to get my DH. We are taking a family trip, not visiting relatives, this year, so we are keeping the presents modest.

    I've been looking at fishing stuff for him.

    The Christmas cards will be in the mail tomorrow morning.

  2. Great idea Aleta to use the top part of your tree. I remember that my parents changed from a big tree to a table-top tree after I left for college.

    I'd love to see your paradise in East TN sometime. Have you had any snow yet up there???

  3. Betsy - It snowed today in fact, and laid a little bit - maybe 1/2". It was COLD! We were at a birthday party. I've posted some pics and I'll post some more. The Clinch River Conservation Center & Retreat would be a great place to stay if you come up this way, as would be the little cabins they rent out. Check out their website which I posted on my blog too.

  4. Fiona - Good luck shopping for your DH! Mine is always difficult to buy for and he usually just gives me a list, but this year I kind of thought about it all year and came up with some things he could use. I buy for my parents - now they are REAL hard to buy for! They are in their 80's -- need I say more?