Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cave & Waterfall

We have had a lot of rain in the past few days and all of the streams and small waterfalls are gushing. It made me think of the waterfall that is near to our house and that we can hike to. I dug out some pictures that I took a few years back. There are two caves under the waterfall. The story is that a moonshiner used to hide his goods in the caves. The waterfall is in a bowl-like formation on the ridge and is fed by a stream that comes down from the top. It isn't that impressive as far as waterfalls go, I guess, but it is in a wonderful location. It is in a secluded area and so peaceful with the only sound being that of the waterfall and stream and birds. Although the climb up to the caves is difficult, it is worth the effort. These pics aren't that good but you can get the idea. There was one bat in the cave when we were there. I think that now, with all of the rain we have, that waterfall is probably gushing much more than in these pictures.


  1. Oh Aleta---you know how much i enjoyed seeing this post.. You and hubby need to put on your boots and head back up there. We too have had TONS of rain the past 2-3 days...We needed rain but not all at once. They say we may get snow tonight--but I won't hold my breath!!!!

  2. Hi, Betsy - Yeah, another reason I put this post on is because I thought about you and waterfalls. I guess this could be called "no name falls." It is worth seeing, if you are ever traveling here, let me know & we'll take you back to it. We may get snow tonight too -- we're hoping for it!!