Friday, December 5, 2008

Feeding Time

Every evening at about 6:00, my DH puts out sweet feed for the deer and cat food for the fox/raccoon/cat/skunk/possum/whatever else might wander by. There is one doe that eats the cat food! The deer know when it is "feeding time" and they come around and watch for him, then hang around close while he's putting it down. When he's done, they come running up to the food. We are sure the deer aren't as friendly with people other than right here and right at feeding time because we've seen them in our woods and they run away.


  1. Hi Aleta, We're home from a wonderful vacation. That's neat that you all feed the night critters... Love your Christmas decorations also. We also try to stay simple!!!!!

  2. Hi, Betsy - welcome back! I hope you had a great time! When it comes to decorating, simple is best, I think! Thanks for visiting.

  3. I love to see wildlife like that,they sure know Doug has their goodies!phylliso