Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Country Dolls

These are a couple of dolls I made previously. They are showing off their bloomers. I never know how their faces will turn out. My palms get sweaty when I'm about to paint or stitch the face on. On the last doll I made - see previous post - I actually messed up the face and was dismayed until I realized that I had painted it on the BACK of her head!! So all that I had to do was stitch her hair over it and try again on the front side. I wanted a sweeter expression for that one, but these dolls seem to have a mind of their own. Their personalities are reflected in their expressions.


  1. That`s funny,I believe I have done that too.I love the fabric & the dolls are cute with their faces!phylliso

  2. These are so cute. And I love their faces.