Friday, April 11, 2008


Yesterday the large, older male turkey was at the feeder and a group of eight more MALE turkeys were coming up the pasture to the feeder. The older male chased them off, his wings flared and his head as blue as can be. He chased them down to the lower pasture. The turkeys in the group were all juveniles, it looked. Their beards were just tiny, sticking straight out, not hanging down long like the older one's is!! But the bodies of the young ones were pretty big.

We have a solitary female turkey that comes down from the hill. She is probably nesting up there. This morning when the group of male juveniles came to the bird feeder, she was making her call from the ridge and they were answering.

Hummingbirds' Return

Our hummingbirds have come back! They returned on the 9th. There are three of them, possibly more. I had one feeder out but they are starting to fight over it so I put another one out. By the end of the summer we'll have six out. They are so much fun to watch!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Male Turkey Displaying

Lately we've had a male turkey with two females coming to our bird feeder to clean up the seed on the ground. Today there were FIVE females, and we were excited to see the male turkey display his feathers in the courtship spread! I grabbed the camera and got some photos.