Saturday, April 25, 2009

What is this Bush?

We have lived here for five years come October, and we still don't know what this bush is. It kind of looks like a honeysuckle, but the flowers are pink and unscented. The bees love it. Any ideas?


  1. Hi Aleta,
    It's definitely a honeysuckle, but I don't know which species. I tried looking at Wikipedia, but couldn't find a picture of a plant with similar colored flowers as yours. It sure is pretty though!

  2. Hmmmmmmm Aleta, I am not sure it's a honeysuckle. They have a STRONG scent... And that bush doesn't even look like a Honeysuckle to me.. Maybe it is ---and is just another part of that family....

    Let me know if you find out.

    Hope your day in Tennessee is as gorgeous as ours...

  3. yes,... that's what we call honeysuckle here in this area. I have them here, and thought the birds would love the red berries in late summer and fall,... no way! They seem to avoid them. But when in bloom they are lovely.

  4. Actually, Cedar, it does get red berries in late summer and fall, but I've never seen birds eating the berries. Well, maybe it is an unscented honeysuckle or honeysuckle relative. Oh well - I'll just keep enjoying it, no matter WHAT it is! Thanks all of you for your comments!