Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Is that a snowflake or a butterfly that just passed my window? Oh dear, it's a snowflake! Well, it appears that here in Eastern Tennessee, Winter is giving its (hopefully) last hoorah and in celebration of that and in memory of Winter, I'm going to give away this scarf. I have a whole bin full of scarves that I crocheted and knitted, intending to sell them, but never did. This one is crocheted with Paton's cha cha yarn. It is pale blue (so at least the color is "Springy"!), 60 inches long (so you can wrap it around your neck several times) and almost 3 inches wide. Besides being long, this scarf is also very soft.

I know that scarf season is for the most part GONE for this year - yet when I look out my window, I'm not so sure - but don't worry, it'll return next year!

I will randomly draw one name from all of the comments that I receive on this entry, by April 15.
Good luck!


  1. Just read the fox and deer saga. It is pretty special to be able to witness something like that.

  2. Beautiful scarf, Aleta. Add me to your list!!!!!

    YES---we've had snow for TWO days--but it's just flurrying. We only got 1/2 inch total of accumulation during the night ---and most of that has melted. I'll be glad when this "Dogwood Winter" is over.

    We do have another 'cold' spell.. It's called Blackberry winter---and will only be chilly when the blackberries bloom. Dogwood Winter is the worst one to go through...

    Stay warm!!!

  3. No snow here, but no spring flowers yet. Maybe next week for the flowers? The scarf looks so soft!

  4. We can use a scarf up here in the Adirondacks until almost June! Count me in please!