Sunday, April 19, 2009

Return of the Hummers!

Our hummingbirds returned last Monday, April 13 -- or, at least that is the first time my husband noticed one. (I was out of town and he doesn't watch as closely as I would!) Now we have four and at least one of them is a female! There is a lot of chirping and penduluming going on around here! By summer's end, we will have 25 or 30 of them, all of the ruby throated variety. Thus it begins - the purchasing of a five-pound bag of sugar each week! I think this year may be a banner year for them, since the female is earlier than usual!

Our neighbors have a few hummingbirds, but not like we do. We aren't sure why we are so blessed. Perhaps it is the many rose of sharon bushes that we have around the house, or the huge trumpet vine, which they love. The former owner of our home (we bought it in 2004) planted lots of flowers they like all around the house, so perhaps they remember that. I do plant some, but I'm not as "green thumbish" at planting flowers as he was! We just hope they keep on coming, year after year!

Here are a few pictures from years gone by:

In the Fall of 2005 we had a rufous hummingbird come through and stay until mid-November. Members of the Hummer/Bird Study Group, Inc. ( traveled from Alabama to our place in hopes of banding it, but as luck would have it, the rufous had moved on by the time they arrived.


  1. How lovely to have so many hummingbirds visit your feeder. We would have only one at a time. If another hummingbird came near the first one would chase it away. Also we had a terrible time with wasps and ants getting to the feeders. How do you keep them out?

  2. I have never seen as many hummers as you have there at one time when I was blessed to have been there for your birthday,hope to be there again sometime,phylliso

  3. Lovely Aleta !
    I have just filled mine up with fresh "elixir" as I call it ;)
    I haven't spotted any takers yet, but the weather has been a bit here and there, so maybe they'll show up before too much longer.
    You surely live in Paradise !

  4. Hi, everyone! Thanks for stopping by!
    Doreen, to answer your question: we haven't had a big problem with ants or wasps, but two years ago it was yellow jackets towards the end of the summer, and last year it was the bald faced hornets (they are the ones that make the big paper nests in a tree) that came mid-summer and were here for about a month. Basically, we tolerate them. The hummers don't like them but they keep coming back to the feeders. We don't like to kill anything so we let the bees live. They don't bother us other than flying around us which is disconcerting, but they never seen to "attack." I hope we don't have a problem this summer. We got two feeders this year with the bee guards in them and we watched the hummers try to use them but then move to the older feeder without the guards. Apparently they can't get their beaks in far enough with the guards.

  5. Phyllis, we hope too that you & your DH can come back to visit sometime!

  6. The hummers should arrive here just after May 1st. Looks like they are working their way north!

  7. They'll be there soon, Cedar! I saw some heading north with their luggage! :)

  8. Lucky You Aleta! I need to get my hummingbird feeders out and filled next week in anticipation of their arrival. I can't believe May is finally almost here and orioles and hummingbirds with it!