Monday, April 27, 2009

Backyard Birding Secrets

I won this wonderful book in a caption contest on the Nature Knitter blog. Thank you, Ruthie! This book contains a lot of great information for attracting birds to your property such as what flowers to plant for specific birds, and other ideas such as for keeping bees away from the hummingbird feeder, rub a little bit of cooking oil around each of the feeding ports. I'll definitely try that one!

Stop over and visit the Nature Knitter blog. There are loads of interesting bird stories and information, and awesome pictures!


  1. That's neat, Aleta... You'll enjoy learning more and more about our little bird friends... I still have SO much to learn.

    Congrats on winning. I certainly do love my scarf!!!

  2. I`ve only ever won 1 time on blogger,you are lucky!phylliso

  3. Hi Aleta,
    I'm glad you like the book. Thanks for playing my caption contest.