Saturday, April 25, 2009

Angel Kitty's Lion Cut 2009

Angel Kitty has her new summer "do" - the lion's cut. We have it done at our vet's office and they give her a sedative. That makes it easier for her, and THEM!



Isn't she cute?

Woops - maybe she needs a bra! (click on the above picture to enlarge it, and you'll see what I mean!)

She was a bit groggy when she got home, but she insisted on going outside on her line. When she got out there, however, she was just too sleepy to do her usual exploring.
She couldn't even keep her eyes open.

I normally wouldn't do this; I would prefer to let her hair be natural. We tried it two years ago, however, and by July Doug and I were breathing, eating, and constantly brushing off her hair! It was intolerable, so we went back to giving her the cut. Plus, this gives her a break from ingesting so much long hair and having hairballs.

It is after this cut that I realize how tiny she is. My little beauty, at least for a few months, becomes my little cutie pie!


  1. Poor kitty. I don't think our Pansy would put up with that. I must be immune to the hair thing because I don't notice a difference at any time of the year. I guess I am up to my ears in hair all year round.

  2. I'm not sure Angel looks happy! But i think it is probably better for her. My long haired cat used to really struggle with hair balls,.. you are giving her a nice break for summer.

  3. Oh Aleta---I love that cut, especially her tail... Who ever thought of a lion's cut for a cat???? Someone is very creative...

    Angel will be fine once the 'drug' wears off... She is a 'cutie pie'....

    Thanks for sharing your Angel.

  4. She needs a cut like that where you take her to explore.Without the long hair she won`t mind the heat either.She is adorable!phylliso

  5. At the vet's office, we did the cut-downs on cats most every Spring, always the long haired ones, not the short haired ones :)
    Angel looks lovely, they left her a "fly swatter" on her tail I see...
    I have left you something on my blog, pop on over when you have chance .

  6. I had a long haired cat too, a few years ago and I know, only too well, what you go through with them, trying to keep the mane in check! I don't think it does her any harm at all, in the summer time, to have this rather undignified shearing. However, you wouldn't do it in the winter, would you!
    Blessings, Star

  7. Hello, everyone!
    Star - No, definitely not in the winter time! Blrrrr!
    Cedar - I don't think she appreciates the cut at first because I think her skin is more sensitive. But it grows out quickly and she seems to adjust just fine.
    Phyllis - Yes, she loves to walk through the brush and the long hair gathers burrs and seeds and everything else!
    Sharrie - Angel has had this cut every year since she arrived here in approximately 1999. The prior owners always had it done and so we continue the "tradition." I have had it done at vets' and also at Petsmart (where they don't give her a sedative). The problem at Petsmart was that they were accidentally CUTTING her on the skin, I discovered later. Not seriously, but enough that now I go to a great vet with a wonderful groomer to have it done. No more skin cuts!
    Betsy & Jo - I have the choice of leaving the fly swatter on her tail or not and I think she looks cute with it on. Jo, I'll pop over to your blog and see what you have there!

    Update: Just to let you know, Angel now is sick with a urinary tract infection. She doesn't act sick - she just can't pee much. Our vet is wonderful and didn't mind being called in the middle of the night on Saturday, and now she's on meds and she'll, I'm sure, be just fine.

  8. That sure is a cute haircut! I love the tail pom-pom! I bet it helps keep her cooler in the summer too.