Thursday, January 8, 2009

Water, water - everywhere!

We have been dumped on with rain the past few days and yesterday Doug & I decided to check out the Clinch River. It was up 6-8 feet and the steps that we use to walk down to the river where we swim in the summer, are underwater, between the two trees to the left of Doug in the first picture. It was blustery and cold and sleeted a bit during our excursion. We drove around on a back road and then out to the highway where we were surprised at the amount of flooding along the road. Where there once was a stream that you couldn't even see, now for as far as you can see, it looks like a lake or river! One of the effects of global warming is the extremes in weather: we have been in severe drought conditions for the past few summers and now we are getting inundated!


  1. In a few months you`ll be thankful for all the water.I believe all the rainy days has been getting everyone low,just a little sunshine please God!!!phylliso

  2. Aleta, I read about all of the flooding in your direction. We had lots of rain--but no flooding in our area. Can't wait to see the waterfall pictures.

  3. Phyllis, you're right -- we will be grateful in a few months for this rain! But lately we've not seen much of the sun and wouldn't mind a couple of nice, sunny days!

    Betsy - As I write this, the falls and streams have settled down. Doug had to go out and work on our lane which was eaten away out by the water streaming down off of the hills. It is actually the County's road to maintain, but Doug does it because we are the only ones back here and besides, he loves to play with his tractor!! You know how big boys are with their toys!