Friday, January 9, 2009

Appalachian Quilt Trail

The area of Tennessee in which we live (Hancock County) is rich in cultural history, ecological treasures, and crafting skills that are celebrated by the Appalachian Quilt Trail. Bledsoe's Barn s located near us and is one of the many "quilts" displayed on the sides of barns throughout the area. You can view Bledsoe's Barn and the other quilts by clicking on this link.


  1. What a neat place, Aleta... I could probably spend some BIG money in Bledsoe's Barn!!!! I love quilts--so I'd love to see all of them!!

  2. Actually, they don't sell quilts in the barn. They just put pictures of quilt patch replicas on the barns. But I know what you mean -- there are places around here, as you know, where you can buy quilts and I too would spend BIG money! I have to hold myself back! Thanks for stopping by!