Saturday, January 3, 2009

At the Top; Virginia

Finally our struggle paid off -- we made it to the top of the ridge. On the other side of our ridge is Lee County in the state of Virginia. (We live in Tennessee.) Many "no hunting" signs remained on the trees where Doug posted them last year, but some have to be replaced.


  1. Man Aleta---You are just a hop and a skip away from my hometown.. Are you closer to Ewing, Rose Hill or Jonesville?????

    Glad you made it to Virginia!!!! Long and hard hike, huh?????? Are your legs aching tonight???

    Get those no hunting signs back up..

  2. Actually, I always feel great the day after a hike like that. I think it stretches my stiff muscles out!
    We are closest to Jonesville. We bought our tractor there. I go to Pennington Gap to the Lee Regional Hospital for a yearly medical test. We also love a Mexican restaurant that is in Pennington Gap.