Monday, February 2, 2009


I'm violating my "blogger Thursday" rule, but it is SNOWING now and I just had to take a break from my writing to put a few pictures on here. There is even more snow on the trees now as I write this than there is in these pictures.

To be honest, I'm ready for spring, but it is nice to see such a beautiful snow covering the cedars and pines, almost covering the grass! That is unusual here.
Khan, the neighbor's Black Lab, was at our house again this morning. He is such a nice dog - so friendly and craves attention. He followed us from his house on our walk, at which time it was raining, but he didn't seem to mind. He then followed us home and we have him tied in the garage to keep him from wandering into the woods, and so that Doug can take him home and give him some training on the way. He worked with him for 20 minutes the other day when he followed us home, and Khan learned quickly. By the time Doug took him back to his owner, Khan was sitting when told to do so - well, almost! Since the owner doesn't seem to have much interest in training him, and since he follows us home a lot, we will work with him and try to get him to at least obey the word "stay" so that maybe we can keep him from following us on our walks. I believe a trained dog is a happy dog. A dog wants nothing more than to please its owner, and the only way it can do that is if it knows what its owner wants!


  1. I was wondering how you were doing, not knowing if you were in the "bad" part of the ice thing going on down by you. Good luck with the doggie. Guess you aren't as secluded as you could be. We aren't either. Our dog can still find activity at the neighbor's which causes her to bark.

  2. We haven't had any of the ice problems, thank goodness! Our greatest fear, since we don't have to go anywhere, is fear of losing our power, although we are prepared for that, too. We do have neighbors, but none we can see, and we can sometimes hear the neighbor's dogs barking from our house.

  3. Nice surprise hearing from you today, Aleta. We got that pretty snow also, Aleta. I took some pictures and will publish them tomorrow as my Tuesday morning blog. It's the kind of snow I love (wet, clinging to everything, and yet not on the roads--type of snow). It snowed all morning but has quit now. It's supposed to snow more tonight and tomorrow--but who knows!!!!

    How are you doing on your memoirs???

  4. Maybe Khan wants to come live with you? Like you I'm ready for spring, but I think you will enjoy that a long time before we do here in far northern NY! Here's hoping you stay comfy and don't lose power.

  5. Cedar: Yes, maybe Khan would like to live with us but we'd prefer him to just be a GUEST! Ha! But he's a nice dog; he comes directly from the original line of black labs, supposedly, and has papers. He's a VALUABLE dog and we hope to be able to get him trained. He did well today when Doug took him back home. He sat when he was told to.
    Betsy: I'm working on my memoir, on chapter 2. The more I write the more I find I need to explain! It is fun! You should write yours too! Have a great week and enjoy the snow!