Monday, February 2, 2009

Snowy Woods

I know how it goes here: look outside the window and witness a beautiful snow floating from the sky like feathery angels, mounds of white piling in stark contrast on the blackish-green boughs of the cedars. Wait a half hour and look again and the snow has melted, everything reverting back to drab winter brown!
I wanted to capture the snow we're having today before it went away, so I ventured out with my camera (in a plastic bag to keep it dry!) to some wooded paths on our property. I know it will be awhile before we see a snow like this again. We've gotten a little more than an inch so far, but we don't expect much more.

Nothing compares to the experience of standing in the woods with snow falling peacefully all around me. I forget that I'm cold, forget that I'm getting wet, and tilt my head back to catch snowflakes on my tongue, entertaining memories of bygone days in my Pennsylvania childhood home, of retreating inside to warm kitchens and enjoying hot chocolate with my friends.


  1. What a beautiful, snowy day.

    Even though we're getting tired of winter, too, I love to see fresh snow.

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  3. Sorry about the previous comment deletion, it sounded as though I'd been sipping the
    What I was going to write is....
    How lucky are you !
    I read your comment on my blog, and popped on over...I'm glad I did ;)
    You're up in the very East of Tennessee, there is some spectacular mountain terrain in that area, what a wonderful and inspiring view of life you must have.
    I hope to visit often...
    Nice to meet you !
    Lovely blog.

    February 2, 2009 6:40 PM

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  4. It truly is lovely,... I always love our first snow. I guess now that we are buried under huge snowbanks I'm getting ready for spring. I'll just walk off into that lovely picture on your blog header,... :)

  5. Brit in Tennessee: Thank you for visiting! I'm so glad to meet you also! Yes, there are some lovely views here but we have to really CLIMB to see them! Makes for some strong leg muscles!

    Cedar: Soon, very soon, that view on my blog header will be back. Winter doesn't last that long here!