Sunday, February 8, 2009

Is it Spring Yet?

What a gorgeous day! A day that feels like spring in the air! A day to be outside doing things! Wash the vehicles! Paint those new bluebird houses our friend gave us! Repot some houseplants in the potting shed! Such a nice break from the freezing temps we've had for the past few weeks. Just three days ago it was 10 degrees in the morning. This morning it was 42, and now it is 65.

I appreciate this warm weather, but -- it isn't natural. This is a symptom of global warming - the extremes in temperatures, the chaotic shift in weather patterns across the country. Yet, I will enjoy this warm weather while it lasts.

A hawk has been spending a lot of time on top of our martin house for the past month or so. It makes a great vantage point from which he can easily spot prey scurrying around on the ground below.

These aren't the greatest pics, but thought I'd take a break from my writing and put them on my blog. I have discovered that pictures upload quicker on photo bucket than they do on here, so I upload them to photo bucket and then simply copy and past the direct link.


  1. It's a grand day here in the north country, too. We were happy that it at least got to 40°. You are right, it isn't spring yet, so temps this warm are unusual. Perhaps just our Janaury thaw a bit late?

  2. Hi Aleta, Hope you have had a great week. How is the writing going????

    I too am enjoying the mild temperatures. I've been sitting outside and walking around searching for birds. I saw more today than yesterday. I know we have hawks because the birds will quickly leave the feeders at times. BUT--so far, I haven't seen them. Your hawk has a good vantage point!!!

    Have a great week..

  3. Hi, Cedar - Yes, that could be it - a late Jan. thaw, because I don't think we thawed out at all in January! Soon we'll be back to more seasonal temps.

    Betsy - Our birds do that also - suddenly fly away when they see a hawk. We actually saw a hawk swoop down and catch a mourning dove last year. It was sad for the dove, but I guess hawks have to eat too. We've also had the owl sitting on a limb right above the feeder during the day, looking around, but interestingly enough, the little birds didn't seem to mind and he didn't bother them.
    The writing is coming along fine, with a lot of stops and starts! I sometimes have to push myself to work on it but I'm on chapter 3.

    Everyone have a great week!!