Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Winter Garden

The winter rye grass we planted in the garden is a thick and luscious carpet of green. I took a picture one morning of a heavy frost on it and one several days later with snow. I'm wondering if we could plant the winter rye grass in the spring around our vegetables to keep the weeds down, or will it only grow in the winter?


  1. How pretty! Even the cedar trees in the background are pretty.The grass will add lots of nutrients to your soil for you.We should have done that too.Time goes by so fast though.I let the garden as is,there are still beans down there for the birds & whatever else to munch on.phylliso

  2. We tried it for the first time this year - with the winter rye grass - and we like it so far. It LOOKS nice, anyway! And it has grown in thick so hopefully it'll choke out some of the weeds for next year.