Friday, November 21, 2008

Snowy Day

Not enough snow for our preference but we'll take what we can get! The snow seems to be flying back up into the clouds before much of it hits the ground. The patio table at the gazebo looks out of its realm all covered with snow. That is where I spend many warm days reading and writing. My two lavender plants in the rock garden bloomed this summer for the first time. The oregano looks pretty with a touch of snow on it.


  1. Awe---I thought you all got ALOT of snow. Looks like you got about as much as we did last week.. See my blog on a 'Teeney Weeney Snow.' Oh Well--I'm sure it was fun while it lasted!!!!

  2. That`s about what we got too.I think it is colder earlier this year,phylliso

  3. The ridges around us seem to break up precipitation before it lands on us. Virginia, which is right over the ridge from our property, always gets more of everything. Our spring is up on that ridge so we think that's why it always runs, even though we are in a severe drought. I agree, Phyllis, that it is colder earlier this year.