Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Inky Bear, a black (actually he's rather brown) lab mix, is a neighbor's dog. He's very friendly. Nacho, the donkey, belongs to another neighbor. He loves our morning treat of apple or carrot. He is lonely, though, since his horse companion Early Girl left, and needs a friend. We're hoping the owners, who don't live here full-time, will get another donkey or horse to keep him company. My DH tried to get him to smile by tickling his nose . . . oooh, watch that finger!! Angel is my calico cat who is an indoor cat but I walk her on a leash and she is tied out on the line when she wants to go out (when I don't). She doesn't like it too cold, though, and in this picture she was patiently waiting for me to let her in.


  1. Glad to see Angel has made an appearance,I`ve missed the "calender" kitty!
    I just love Nacho,could Doug donkey-nap him for me & bring him up in your truck? he would make a nice companion for the goats,hah...phylliso

  2. On first blush, that sounds like a great idea (kidnapping him and bringing him up there!); however, I read on a website about donkeys that they must not be kept with goats. Something about the goats' playing is more like the donkey's mating ritual or something. Of course, they'd all be male. Don't know if that would make a difference.

  3. When I was thinking of getting a llama for the goats,I found out that the llamas can`t be gelded till they are like 2 years old.That would`ve posed a problem as the goats are wethered & supposedly the llama would try to mount them.I`m glad I canned the idea.It would`ve been too much for me I`m sure.phylliso