Monday, September 22, 2008

Yellow Jacket Hover Fly

This morning when my husband and I were cleaning up the garden, this big guy kept buzzing me and landing on my leg. He looked like a hornet, sounded like a hornet, so of course I thought, "Hornet!" and ran to my husband's side for protection. Later, when I was walking up to the gazebo, here it came again (well, not the same ONE), and this time I had my camera. After it chased me away, it landed on a plant so I snuck back and took a picture, then looked it up on the internet. It is NOT a hornet! It is a Yellow Jacket Hover Fly, and if you can get one to land on your finger, it is considered good luck. (Does a LEG work???) It is also called the Virginia Flower Fly or the "news bee" because when one hovers in front of your face, folklore says it is bringing you good news. Hmmmm. . . wonder what good news I can be expecting?

1 comment:

  1. It does look like a hornet.I learn something new every day,thanks Aleta!phylliso