Monday, September 22, 2008

Garden Clean-up

Well, summer has passed and today is the first day of Fall. I LOVE fall. It is my favorite time of the year. This morning we did some clean-up of the garden -- took out the black cloth we had used as mulch, etc. We plan to plant winter rye grass. After winter, you till it in. Hope it isn't too late to plant it, but I don't think so. Our winter doesn't really start until December here, and then it only lasts until mid-March.

The asparagus and strawberries did great for us. Next year we will be able to harvest the strawberries, and perhaps the asparagus. The asparagus we planted was "two year" asparagus, meaning you can pick it the second year. We'll see. The leeks are still growing. They'll stay in until right at frost. The tomato plants have about had it. There are mammoth sunflower plants still in the garden, the heads drying, and miniature sized birdhouse gourds.

Farewell, garden 2008!


  1. Hey, we are finally eating our tomatoes! Your strawberry plants look great! Don't you just love the Asparagus fronds when you let it go to pretty. Great photos

  2. Thanks, Anna! Yeah, I love the asparagus fronds. They have red "berries" on them that I guess will drop down and make new plants(?). I read that the best thing to do for the winter is to plant winter rye in the bed as a mulch to keep weeds down and then work it into the soil in the spring. Yeah, the strawberry plants went gung ho. I need to cut back some of the "daughters" that are growing out in the walkway.