Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cave Spring (continued)

Here's how the spring works: The water comes from the spring in the cave and flows out into a small reservoir at the mouth of the cave. The black pipe is attached to the reservoir and at the top end of that pipe we have a valve that we can adjust as needed. The black pipe meanders through the woods down the side of the ridge about 300 feet, into a 1,000-gallon holding tank that is on the hill near our house. From the holding tank the water goes, as needed, into underground pipe to the house, where there is a small pump to give it a little bit more pressure for when we draw it. Also, attached to the 1,000-gallon holding tank is an overflow pipe for when the tank is full. The overflow pipe goes into another, smaller, tank that we use as a reservoir for watering our garden. We have a garden hose from that tank down to the garden. That tank has an overflow pipe for when IT is full, and the birds love to drink from that water flow.

Our spring has no filters other than a screen over the end of the pipe. It is good, clean water - no chemicals, no pollutants, and it tastes great!

The last picture above is a view looking up when standing at the edge of the "cliff" where the spring reservoir is located.

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