Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cave Spring

We get our water from a spring that is 300 feet above us on a ridge on our property. Occasionally we have to check it to make sure nothing (leaves, usually) has blocked the pipe. We did the check today.
It is a steep and treacherous climb to get up to the spring. The trees along the path are marked with blue paint. Once we arrive at the cave, which has a narrow entrance that is basically inside a cliff, my husband has to lift himself up the steep rock ledge in order to access the reservoir from which the water flows down to our house. Thank goodness he has long legs! I can't get up there without help, but he does it with the use of his walking stick.


  1. it is all worth it to live in such a private beautiful place surrounded by the wildlife.
    The trek up there is breathtaking.Thank goodness you have the trees marked with blue paint!Isn`t Doug color blind? He probably knows the way by heart now.phylliso

  2. Yeah, Doug is color blind, but I think he sees blue, just not red and some others. But he's been up there often enough that he knows the way by heart. Even with the blue markings, I always seem to get off the path and end up taking the hard way up. God forbid, if anything happened to him I'd have to sell this place mostly because of the spring. I wouldn't know who to call on to help me go up and check it and maintain it!