Saturday, August 2, 2008

Intimate Moment

A child is always your child, no matter how big they get. This holds true for deer too. This is a mother doe with her "baby", a fawn that was born last year. She's cleaning his head, even his ears.


  1. Sweet. I see they have stripped the small trees of their leaves. They look a little different than the White Tails we have here. Anna

  2. That's what my friend in PA said - that they look different than they do there. I am from and lived in PA but I don't remember for sure what they looked like.
    As for the trees, no the leaves are at the top of those trees, not stripped off. They are actually rose of sharon bushes that my husband transplanted there. They aren't growing that well there. The deer don't eat the leaves off of them, but I saw one eating blooms from one but the blooms were on the ground, not on the tree. We have a lot of rose of sharon bushes around and the deer don't bother them.

  3. how lucky you are to have captured that moment...phylliso