Sunday, August 24, 2008

Great Spangled Fritillary

Two thistle plants grew up next to the front porch this summer. We didn't pull them out as we (and most people) would normally do because we know the goldfinch love the seeds. We are hoping to get some good photos of the goldfinch when they come close to the porch for the seeds. A bonus to having the thistle there is that the Great Spangled Fritillary loves the thistle nectar and has been frequenting these plants. I finally grabbed the camera and took some pictures.


  1. when I broke my leg years ago I found beauty in the thistle too as I watched goldfinchs use the white soft part of it for their nest building.Sometimes it`s better to let some weeds grow so nature can take care of itself.
    By the way,HAPPY BIRTHDAY,Aleta!!!!phylliso

  2. THANK YOU for the birthday wish!
    Yes, we prefer to let nature take its course. I never thought about the goldfinch using the soft part for their nests. So that's one more thing for us to watch for!