Friday, August 8, 2008

Fawn Pictures - finally

Finally! The doe brought the fawn around in the daylight. It was having a blast, chasing the doves, running from one doe to the other. Perhaps the other doe is a surrogate because it was going to both of them. It was so much fun to watch! It seemed like it was mimmicing mom, too, in the occasional stomping of the feet, the looking out for danger, etc. I took 115 pictures, plus a short video, and it was hard to decide which pics to post! They all turned out good.

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  1. Sometimes the mom won`t feed her baby.On the deer farm they watch for that & if they don`t feed their babies,they will take them & bottle feed them.But when you do that,you MUST have a warm wet rag & wipe the fawn`s bottom to make it poop.In the wild the mom licks them to stimulate them,so this is a must if you bottle feed deer.Our son used to work at the deer farm,we helped him do that several times.phylliso