Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lion's Cut

I took Angel Kitty to the vet and had her lion's cut done. I wouldn't do it other than that if I don't, my husband and I eat, breathe and spit her hair by summer's end. She sheds like crazy. I have given her some meds that help, but she sure does shed. So she had her cut and on the way home (it is a 45-min. ride and she normally takes it pretty well) she began to throw up all frothy stuff and meowing funny and breathing with her mouth open and I thought oh this is it, she's going to die. It sounded and looked awful but I guess she was carsick from the meds they gave her to relax her, and from all the curves I have to navigate on that road. Now she's fairly active, wanted to go out for a walk so I took her but she didn't want to walk far and she began to shiver (it is cool out today!) so I brought her in. She ate a lot when we got home. I hate putting her through the meds to relax her; last year I took her to Petsmart and they don't do meds and I thought she did okay - BUT, several months later the vet finds two little slits under her front legs that had abscessed and he said it must have been from being shaved since they were proportional like the razor caught her skin. When I picked her up last year at Petsmart, I asked how she did and the groomer said she fought a little when they did the belly. Well I guess SO! But she recovered from that little problem. I should have gone back and told them I guess but I know they didn't mean to do it and she didn't die or anything. I just won't go back there. At least if they do something at the vet's, she's at the vets. They don't use ketamine at the vets thank god. That stuff is bad. There is some other kind of relaxant they use that they give her and then give her the antidote to bring her out of it.
She also has gingivitis. I got antibiotic for that and he said within the next few years she should have her teeth cleaned.
She looks so tiny without all of her hair. I swear she's too thin, but I don't know for sure. She doesn't eat a lot, perhaps because of the teeth problem.
She's my little sweetie and I will do anything to keep her healthy!
Pictures to come when she feels more photogenic.

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