Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I guess this is the year of the cicada. We just had a year of the cicada in 2004, but oh well, here we go again. Along with the cicada, we can hear what sound like peepers coming from a nearby wet area, but perhaps that's the cicada's also. The sound is like an alien spacecraft coming in for a landing! It is pretty weird. The cicada's look really weird too, with those red eyes!


  1. someone in an airplane sprayed for something around here.we thought he was going to crash into our pines.I think he was spraying for gyspy moths that have destroyed alot of Pa forests.phylliso

  2. I remember when gypsy moth first came in PA, when I lived there. They devastated a lot of the forests. I had thought they had died back because the trees produced something (tanin or something like that) to kill them. It was as if the trees started to produce this specially to protect themselves from the moths.
    That BT stuff that I use on the vegetables works on gypsy moth also.