Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Angel Kitty

This is my calico cat, Angel. The vet estimates that she is between 8 and 12 years of age. She came with our house that we bought in 2004. Her story is that she showed up at the house as a stray, pregnant. The former owners took care of her and her kittens when she had them and had her fixed and gave her the name Angel. She is afraid of pretty much everyone except for me, and she is absolutely terrified of cars. She was an outside cat but now she's inside, but I take her for walks on the leash and tie her out on a line with me out there to watch her, of course. Tomorrow she gets her "lion's cut" and will look much different than she does in these pictures. Her pictures are in the Day at a Time 2008 Desk Calendar - "Kittens and Cats," on February 19 and October 9. My celebrity kitty!!


  1. she knows she`s a model,look at her,so cute!phylliso

  2. Yeah, she knows she's a cutie! But right now, with her lion's cut, she's cute but I don't think she FEELS cute, just naked!