Friday, May 30, 2008

Gardening Musing

This is a picture of my garden labeled as to where everything is, but you can't see it very well.
I have been snipping off the blooms on the strawberry plants as soon as I see them but some got away from me and we got some juicy, sweet strawberries yesterday and today there was one more. This is the first year for the strawberries so we are trying to keep the blooms off so that the plant can get strong and healthy to grow.

I picked a ton of spinach today and will freeze it later. Also some broccoli, but it is starting to flower. Everything in the garden is growing good. Snow peas are on the vine, soon to be picked. I have posts at the green beans and need to tie string around for them to grow on, plus I want to plant some more green beans. Last year I used the tee pee method but the beans climb so high that I can't reach them, so this year we're trying something different. They'll still climb, but not as high.

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  1. I wish my garden was as neatly done...phylliso