Saturday, July 26, 2008

Little Buck

We have two small bucks that come to the feeder. One is a "button buck" and the other one is getting pretty nice-sized antlers. Here's a picture of the larger buck. We just hope and pray he doesn't get shot this hunting season since we have watched him "grow up!" He won't get shot on OUR property - at least there had better not be any hunters on our property! We think the doe in the picture is the larger buck's mom.


  1. Their faces seem a darker color than ours here in Pa.Beautiful wildlife,I know you feed them well.phylliso

  2. We had a doe and new twin fawns in our yard last weekend! The fawns were running and jumping, playing tag all around Mama. Got to watch for several minutes, then our cat came running over to us, and spooked the doe. Haven't seen them since, but I'm sure they come in at night. Anna