Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Deer Family Outing - with Fawn!

Last evening four deer and a fawn came out of the back woods and walked around. It was so exciting to see the fawn! We see these deer all of the time and thought one probably has a fawn. This one looks like it is only days old. Its fur under the spots is much darker than the adults'. It was chasing Uncle Buck, the young buck that hangs around (see previous post). The pictures aren't that good because it was getting dark and I had to take the pictures through the screen window. They went down into the pasture and played around but my camera battery went dead.


  1. What kind of trees are the gnarled, white trunks in the foreground? Anna

  2. Those are cedar trees. There are two huge ones on the one side of the house, going up the hill to our gazebo. They must be a couple of hundred years old.