Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kitty Walk

Doug has two of our four cats trained to stay with him when he takes them out for walks -- Rosie and Mokkah.  In the first picture, Rosie walks next to him; Angel is in the foreground.  Angel has to be leashed because she tends to run and hide if I turn my head away from her.  She has ME trained!  She'll only let me touch her; she'll have nothing to do with my husband.

Mokkah asks where are we going next??


  1. I have one cat that will often follow along when the dogs and I go out walking. Often he will join us sometime during the walk when he jumps out of one of the fields where he has been hunting. I love to have him join us. Love Mokkah; I am partial to black cats.

    1. Cats are so much fun! Mokkah is part Siamese and, although she looks like it in photos, in certain light you can see that she actually has a brown tint on her fur that is so pretty. When she came to us as a stray kitten with a broken leg, she was all black but with brown on the end of her tail. I thought "mocha," but wanted to give her a special spelling of her name, thus "Mokkah."

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  3. such sweet trained kitties.Emma wants out to walk all the time & I wish I never had her declawed on the front,tho she has no trouble catching & giving me "presents"on the porch,lol,phyllis

  4. Awww that's so sweet that your kitties will walk on a leash and/or just follow along! Thanks for stopping by my blog a few months back. I remember you from several years back and thinking then how beautiful your property was and how envious I was that you were living in eastern TN -- my dream locale!! I'm inching closer now that I'm in the mountains of western NC!

    I'm glad to see you posting on your blog again. As you can tell, since 2011 mine has all but died. I need to get into a routine again and get it revived!

    I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that 2014 brings you many blessings.