Tuesday, November 13, 2007


We are now experiencing our annual ladybug infestation. Not as bad as it was three years ago, but still a nuisance. We have the back door sealed up with tape and rags sprayed with bug spray because they come in there the most, being a sunnier location. These ladybugs are the Asian ones, brought here from Asia and having no natural predator, except that I did read there is some kind of wasp that east them. They like warm, light-colored spots. They come out of the woods at this time of year to hibernate. If you kill one, it'll stain and stink. They also pinch (not bite). These are the ladybug facts I've learned since we moved her. Putting a new, tighter, roof on our house has helped dramatically at keeping them out. They will be active until it gets cold and stays cold for the winter.

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